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Built on a foundation of compassionate care, Acclivity Health delivers the technologies providers need to ensure patients with advanced illness receive the right care at the right time in the right setting –  while honoring the patient’s dignity, goals and values. Acclivity's Connected Care platform utilizes analytics, machine learning, and workflow management to uncover insights needed to avoid unnecessary emergency department and hospital stays.  By shifting the setting of care to the home or community, palliative care and hospice improve quality of care and reduce health care spending for America’s sickest and most costly patient populations.

In today's healthcare system, the seriously ill and those with multiple chronic conditions constitute only 10% of patients but account for well over half of the nation's healthcare costs. Studies show that 30% of Medicare patients die receiving no palliative or hospice care. Care teams must be empowered to deliver proper care, reduce healthcare spending, and emphasize quality of life.

Acclivity Health was founded on the notion that care providers, patients, and their families deserve to be valued participants in the care delivery model. The founders' goal was to imagine, design, and deliver a world where everyone across the care continuum is empowered by truly connected care.

Supporting advanced illness care across the patient journey



Technology is at the core of what we do. With the Acclivity Connected Care Platform, we are transforming what has historically been a fragmented, uncoordinated care approach to a connected, collaborative, community-based care model based with complete transparency.

Acclivity 5 Step Journey

Experience complete
transparency regarding
health condition and
treatment options
Refer costliest patients
and better manage
performance indicators
Access to an extended
care team to be properly
cared for and supported
Obtain patient referrals
earlier in their advanced
illness journey
Ensure the most
complex and costly care
scenarios are in the
hands of the right care

With advanced analytics built on emerging technologies, Acclivity's platform empowers healthcare providers to securely connect and collaborate with multiple disciplines within the care team to provide appropriate and timely services to their shared patient population while meeting the requirements of value-based care. This in turn has led to an overall increase in accurate and timely referrals to hospice programs that are participating within the platform.


Using the Acclivity platform, healthcare providers can access a holistic picture of the patient journey, identify which patients are at the highest risk for utilization of non-beneficial treatment, and connect to a multidisciplinary care community to collaborate and act on an appropriate care plan.

Acclivity Connected Care Diagram

Circumvent the current model, which often directs patients to costly, sometimes even unnecessary care. Drive patient care to most appropriate site, and eliminate costly and often unnecessary SNF, Rehab and Acute encounters. Incentives aligned for hospice (capitated) models and value-based care for primary and specialist models.



The Acclivity Connected Care Platform transforms what has historically been a fragmented, uncoordinated care approach, and instead empowers care teams to:
  • Identify patients needing advanced-illness care earlier in their care journey
  • Transition costly patients to palliative, hospice, and advanced-illness care providers who are better equipped and reimbursed to deliver the appropriate care
  • Maximize patients' use of benefits for symptom relief that achieves quality of life goals


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The Connected Care Platform delivers a proven ROI for providers, maximized hospice benefits, reduced healthcare costs, and improved quality and care for patients - all in support of value-based care initiatives. Participants have created their own connected care communities autonomously and organically by bringing others involved in the patient journey on to the Acclivity platform - enabling multidisciplinary collaboration regarding the patient's prognosis, care options and goals.

90-95% Prediction Accuracy -
Determine when a community patient becomes hospice or palliative care appropriate

Increase Length of Stay & Average Daily Census -
Hospice participants have seen their average length of stay increase to upwards of 90 days

Foster, Develop, & Expand Referral Sources -
Identify and connect to your most valuable referral sources 


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