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The Importance of Interoperability Within Health Care Systems

Modern healthcare increasingly depends on digital systems that can connect and communicate with one another over a digital network. Interoperability makes it possible for users to more effectively interact with their medical systems. The capability to process information between systems allows for easy reconciliation of records and the ability to communicate information to any system or platform whether desktop or mobile. 

Unlock the potential of your Electronic Health Record (EHR) 

Wise Hospice Options is partnering with EHR systems across the country to help develop solutions built on Interoperability. Our focus is on providing Hospice the ability to maximize their utilization of important patient information. 

Advanced Interfaces, Ahead of the Competition

Seamlessly communicated, near real-time response times, on any device have access to your:

  • Demographics - including diagnoses & allergies
  • Medications - E-Prescribe, check refill status, control medication coverage

With access to this information we can provide you with enriched reporting, CR8358 file reconciliation, and any custom needs you might want within our advanced interface. The clarity this communication provides streamlines how you operate within your system. Allowing you to analyze utilization, improve cost, and effectively manage staff productivity. 

Interoperability is a vital component for the Hospice & Medical industry to move into the future and we believe in the benefits it provides. Wise Hospice Options will pay up to $4,000 of the upfront interface costs to get you setup with you current EHR.

Ask us about our current Interoperability status with your EHR.

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